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About Us

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At 11 degree 28.23.7”N 76 degree 40’44.4 E, on the 10th hairpin bend and nestled in a beautiful slope , and as elusive as the cat in itself , Leopard Rock, stands perched in one of the most magnificent valleys of Kalhatty, offering a panaromic view and experience of the wilderness that is sureal. Leopardrock wilderness resort is nested at the kalhatti Ghats ,which is a home to a plethora of biodiversity and is majestically situated on the fringes of the Mudhumalai Tiger reserve and 60 km away from the Mukurthy National Park.Home to nearly 150 species of birds, 40 to 30 species of mammals and countless butterflies and insects. One can often see huge grazing herds of the Nilgiri Gaur and Sambar deers grazing in Tranquility.Predators like leopard could be spotted on your lucky day. A simple kitchen in the hands of our Chef makes one wonder if you are yet to step out of the comfort of your home. From home styled chicken curry with rice or chappaties , to bread flipped omelettes to lemon chai, this is one kitchen that has recipies from the secret chest of our grand parents.
Leopard Rock offers not just rooms.Being in the heart of the wild country,it is a hub,for you to experience wildlife through nature trails.The rooms provide the breathtaking view of the valley
over looking the Moyar gorge and mudumalai tiger reserve.The over whelming cloud flow ,makes you spellbound with awesomeness.Campfire is organized to keep the guests warm during chilly winter evenings. Leopardrock wilderness resort is all about silence ,wilderness and responsible tourism .we are completely committed to protect the enchanted environment .Set amidst the surreal forest and far away from the unnecessary hustle and bustle of the city, Leopardrock offers the opportunity to maximize the thrill of being at the heart of a rich wildlife reserve. Ensuring a comfortable stay by offering impeccable services and warm hospitality, Leopardrock is the right place to book for best experience.


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Owner of Raj Vilas Palace

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